How much money will I need?

Choosing your Perfect Resort is quite possibly the trickiest part of Working Abroad. So sometimes, the best way to do it, is to work it out on a budget...

To make things easier, check out our Price Ranking Resort Guide, from most expensive (Ibiza) to least (Malia);

Jobs in Tenerife, Jobs in Zante
Ayia Napa

Malia and Zante are two resorts which are perfect for first time workers on a budget and want value for money! Usually a hit with the younger crowd, these resorts are ideal for people aged 18 to 23 who want to work hard and play even harder

Tenerife is your next ‘pricier’ resort. Filled with guests between 18-30 its perfect for both first time workers and returning guests. Although packages may seem slightly higher, the resort itself to live in is not expensive and you have a guaranteed job waiting for you when you arrive.

Ibiza is the most expensive resort however you are rewarded with some of the best Super Clubs in the world. In Ibiza you need to plan your days and nights well as it can be extremely expensive but if you are on a budget then avoid the super clubs and hit the famous West End instead.

Jobs in Tenerife, Jobs in Zante


Wages are different in all resorts and all dependant on the job itself! The estimated and realistic earning potential is around 30 to 60 euro per shift.

Please click on the relevant resort link below to see exact jobs, hours and amount you can earn.

One of the benefits to Working Abroad is the working hours! Being sick and tired of a 9-5 job at home is usually the biggest reason for people wanting to change their life and their routine. The majority of jobs in all of our resorts are usually night time hours, meaning it completely frees up the day times for you to be able to go spend the days lounging in the sunshine with a cocktail in your hand!.

There is a resort out there for everyone, its now time to pick your perfect one! Please call an adviser so we can help you make the right choice.

This is your chance to #LiveTheDream, so don’t delay, come and work abroad today!

Spending Money

We recommend taking a minimum of £400 out to any of the resorts we operate in! It’s always better to take a little more than a little less. It’s the difference between having a 3 course meal or a McDonalds, Don’t forget once you start working all wages go straight into your pocket!!


1. Don’t be shy or nervous - if you don’t ask you don’t get! Always check if there are workers discounts available, make friends with as many PR’s as you can.

2. Ask your Reps where the best deals, cheapest bars and supermarkets are, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction for anything from cheap food and drink to the best excursions on the island at the best value.

3. If there is any event on you really want to go on book it in advance online to avoid disappointment and to save money.

4. Look for free activities that you can do during the day, From cliff jumping to sightseeing many famous landmarks such as Es Vedra and The Shipwreck.

Resort Tips


When going to all the Super Clubs they are scattered all over the island the best way to travel is on the Club Busses and for only €3 from San Antonio to Playa D’en Bossa, you cannot complain. So there is no need to spend loads on a Taxi.


Wages in Tenerife are the highest of all our resorts, and for once this doesn’t mean that the cost of living shoots up. Food and drinks will be easy on your wallet - meaning you can live like a king for less.


Three words; Unlimited Drinking Bars. For a set price, drink away until your heart’s content for anything from one to four hours. These can be very dangerous so approach with caution!


When in Malia, one of the most popular things to do is hire a Ped or a Quad for the Summer! Being able to feel the wind in your hair whilst still getting a tan and seeing some of the best sights on the island is exactly why Malia is so popular with workers! Even better when PlayaWay get a discount and only pay 100 euro for the month…..and petrol is only 3 euro a week….It doesn’t get much better than that.


Choose the option that describes you best.