Summer Jobs in Tenerife 2024/2025

Tenerife Summer Jobs

Summer jobs in Tenerife 2024/2025

With Tenerife being an all year around resort it is increasingly becoming a worker’s favourite to visit every year. The 365-day sunshine makes this destination not only favourable to sun seeking workers, but an all-year-round party holiday destination for tourists looking to enjoy the Playa des America strip.

Playa de Las Americas is home to some of the best nights out imaginable. It may be a smaller resort but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to party, with some famous bars and legendary nightclubs you will certainly have an amazing night.

Day time activities are just as amazing! If you fancy rattling a few nerves then why not join us at Siam Park which has the highest slide in Europe, and not to mention it goes through a tunnel of sharks! Or if you fancy just chilling out, why not lay on its beautiful white sandy man made beach? With PlayaWay we do it ALL!

Tenerife with its lots of beaches to relax on and loads of fantastic bars and clubs to go to, makes it the perfect mixture of tranquillity and madness.

What's included

24/7 rep support

Swimming pool

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Air Conditioning

Private Balcony

Washing Machine

Tenerife's workers hotel

Work in Tenerife 2024/2025

PlayaWay Abroad has exclusive access to the most premium workers accommodation on the Island of Tenerife. Your package includes a full 28 days in our apartments, which are located literally minutes from the beach and the main Veronicas strip! Summer or Winter - This is the perfect place to call home whilst you earn a living here!

Outside view

With large spacious balconies perfect for pre-drinks, a private swimming pool and an ideal location to both the Veronica Strip and the beach – these workers apartments are going to be snapped up for summer 2024! Don’t miss out - get in touch TODAY!

Inside view

Set yourself up for a successful season! If you want to get off to a great start in Tenerife in a friendly and sociable resort complex that is perfectly located - you have no better option than our apartments!

Location, location, location

Our apartments are perfectly located, only short walk to both the Veronica strip and the beach! It’s a short stroll for both work and play!

Explore jobs in Tenerife

As its very much an English resort, there are so many jobs on offer! The most common types of work are bar work, PR’ing for bars/Clubs, ticket selling for some of the biggest events in Tenerife and of course being a rep. There are more specialised summer jobs in Tenerife like Life Guarding, Telesales, Dancing, and Restaurant work.

Don’t worry about securing a job though as our reps have this covered for you.

Holiday Rep

  • Meeting new people
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Guaranteed Pay
  • Sociable and Friendly Scene
working holidays abroad 2024

PAY : Holiday Reps can expect to earn a great basic wage from their employer as well as extra cash in the form of commission on event ticket sales to their guests.

HOURS : Hours are set by different employers but this is one of our most demanding roles. Holiday reps will usually work every day in the resort but can mix time on shift with having a good time, so it shouldn’t feel like too much hard work!

What does holiday rep involve?

Being the life and soul of the party, all whilst keeping tourists safe and secure for the duration of their stay. You’ll need to be friendly, out-going but also be able to switch to a serious mode when required.

Bar staff

  • Meeting new people
  • Free Drinks all Night
  • Party Atmosphere
  • Extra Cash Tips
working holidays abroad 2024

PAY : Average wage is 40-60 euros a day plus any tips.

HOURS : Varied depending on location but tend to be 6-hour shifts between 9pm-3am.

What's involved?

Working behind the bar in the island’s best bars/clubs involves serving anything from local beer to exotic cocktails. It is more advantageous to have experience but not essential. You will need to be good with numbers, as well as be able to gel with the tourists.

Event staff

  • Meeting new people
  • Attend events for free
  • Paid to party
  • Guarenteed wage

PAY : Event Staff will earn a wage per event which is usually between 40-60 Euros, depending on how long it goes on for.

HOURS : Shifts vary between 3-6 hours per event.

What's involved?

Can you get the party started whilst also being organised and business savvy? Then this job is for you. Getting paid to party at Europe’s best events isn’t a bad way of earning a living whilst being in the sun!.

Club/PR Work

  • Free Drinks
  • Socialising with new people
  • Paid to party
  • Party Atmosphere

PAY : Some bars/clubs offer a basic wage of 40-60 Euros per night, whereas others may have a commission structure of 50 cent – 1 euro per person you bring in. It is all dependent on the bar/club.

HOURS : Starting times vary but are usually between 9pm-3am depending on bar/club shifts tend to be 6 hours long.

What's involved?

You will be approaching tourists, trying to get them in to the bar or club you are working for. You will spend your evenings drinking and chatting up people. You will need to be outgoing, confident and be able to work in a party atmosphere.

Ticket Selling

  • Great earning potential
  • Party on the job
  • Flexible working hours
  • Socialising with new people

PAY : Dependent upon commission but top sellers can earn more than €300 a day

HOURS : Depends on how hard you want to work and how much you want to earn as top sellers are rewarded

What's involved?

You'll be hunting down potential customers to take part in events within the resort. The hours can be long, but this job is definitely the most financially rewarding if you're motivated.

Shot Selling

  • Relatively easy role
  • Free drinks
  • Good tips
  • Paid to party

PAY : It is normally a commission-based job, but typical earnings can be from 20 - 80 Euros per night.

HOURS : Depending on the bar/club but the hours are generally from around 10pm-3am.

What's involved?

Working in a permanent party atmosphere where you will be selling a wide selection of shots, tubes and gas chambers. To do this job you have to be very outgoing and have the ability to be both fun and flirty.

Restaurant Work

  • Guaranteed wage
  • Excellent tips
  • Free food/drinks
  • Nights off to party

PAY : This is dependent on the role and number of hours worked, but can be between 50-80 Euros a day/night - plus tips

HOURS : Dependent on the role, it can be any hours from 11am till 11pm. Usually 8 hours shifts.

What's involved?

You could be either in a PR role handing out leaflets for the restaurant, a waiter/waitress or kitchen work. A bubbly personality and a big smile will get you far working in the restaurants.


  • Great earning potential
  • Party on the job
  • Free drinks
  • Short hours

PAY : Pay is excellent in terms of hours you actually work. Between 50-80 Euro per shift.

HOURS : Varied depending on location but tend to be 1/2 hour shifts between 11pm-5am.

What's involved?

Dancing away on podiums in super clubs or amazing pool parties. You need to be physically fit for this role, and of course know how to dance.

VIP Host

  • Great earning potential
  • Amazing tips
  • Socialise with celebrities
  • Paid to party

PAY : 45-60 Euro a day; plus, great tips.

HOURS : Usually, 6–8-hour shifts either in the day or night dependant on where you work. Times can vary if you are working as host for a particular event or a nightclub.

What's involved?

Personally serving high end tourists and VIP’s food and drink in their private cabanas and reserved areas. This is one of the most sought after and glamorous positions on the island!


  • Free drinks
  • Party on the job
  • Great earning potential
  • Social scene

PAY : DJs can earn between 60 – 150 Euros per night/set. All depends on experience.

HOURS : DJs often have sets of an hour between the hours of 10pm till 6am or they can have residencies in the club or bars for 3 hours to 6 hours long.

What's involved?

Playing the music you love in the hottest bars/clubs in town, what’s not to love!


Choose the option that describes you best.