Working abroad can be daunting, scary and most of all its the unknown! But however, you look at it you just have to jump at every given chance to work abroad it will be the best experience you will ever have #Guaranteed! Your only young once remember, so live life to the full! Like they say, life is better in flips flops.

work abroad 2024

So why work abroad, what are the benefits?

Working abroad in party resorts such as Tenerife, Ibiza, Zante, Malia, Magaluf and Ayia Napa has its perks, who else can say they work for a few hours a night selling shots, serving drinks or casually asking people to come into their bar whilst having a great night and drinking alcoholic drinks for free! Yes, for FREE! and let’s not forget you get paid to do this. Also, when you wake up you have the whole day to go to the pool, beach or explore the gorgeous island that you are working in, that’s right working in! if you call it work!

work abroad 2024

Everything is better with sun

Just think - a four hour shift at work is much less painful when it’s spent wandering up and down a warm beach, than up and down aisles of clothes that need re-sized before your manager gets back from lunch.

A suntan does wonders for the confidence, and you can be feeling on fleek every day of the summer if you’re out baking under the sun whilst flogging tickets/serving drinks. Having a glow means you can slap on some mascara and lip balm (if you’re that way inclined) and be ready for wherever the night takes you...

Make your friends insta jealous

In an era where social media has taken over its time to use this and show everyone where you live and work and make everyone jealous on social media when you are sunbathing on the beach, about to step into one of the best clubs in Europe or simply showing off one of the exotic cocktails these resorts have to offer!

Decisions, Decisions...

Making the decision to work abroad takes guts but in terms of decisions you will have to make in life this one is an easy one! Thousands of young travellers have been in your shoes at some point and there is a reason why they return back year after year! The only tough decision is which resort to actually choose!

Why choose PlayaWay Abroad

PlayaWay have been operating since 2006 and are the longest serving working holiday company in a currently cut-throat industry! Since creating this amazing company many other companies have followed, copied and failed what we do! We are very proud to say we are still the No1 working abroad company, with so many connections across Europe you and your parents can easily sleep at night knowing you will be very safe in our hands, which in our opinion is the number one priority! There are many companies out there which just want your money or don't even have the accommodation which is promised so please do your research before you book. There are many companies claiming they are the most reputable, cheapest, most established etc.

Do your research

Please before you book with anyone of these companies including ourselves do your research, check reviews on Trustpilot, also many companies have Facebook pages ask yourself why have they hid/disabled the reviews on their Facebook page? Alarm bells should be ringing? We do NOT hide anything as we are a reputable company just wanting to provide you with a great experience. Please visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/playawayabroad1 or go onto our TrustPilot page to check us out.

What makes PlayaWay Abroad stand out from the rest?

PlayaWay are committed from the moment you book to the moment you land in resort all the way through until your experience ends. PlayaWay organises, boat parties, bar crawls, pool parties and are always joining in on huge events in the resorts we operate in. Plus, when it comes down to actually working PlayaWay have established some great connections such as O Beach, Linekers, Apollo Club, Eden, Lava, Tramps, Cherry Bay, Life's a Beach and so may more, the list is endless! So, by coming away with PlayaWay your pretty much guaranteeing a top job in a top resort! We literally make working abroad as simples as 1,2,3...


Choose the option that describes you best.